1. General / Comprehensive

  2. Listening & Watching (including radio stations + TV channels)

  3. Reading (including books, newspapers, and magazines)

  4. Grammar, Vocabulary and Games

  5. Dictionaries


General / Comprehensive

Name/Link:  The Big Project
Description:  A UK web-portal for just about anything that suits your fancy.
Tags:  news, radio, television, UK, video, travel info, music, reference, websearch

Name/Link:   Robert Henderson Language Media Center: Web Resources*
Description:  Some very useful links to English as a second language web resources.
Tags:  news, radio, listening, podcasts, books, US, video                         

Name/Link:   Isabel’s ESL
Description:  English (and Spanish) as a foreign language, materials and links for teachers and learners, some suitable for very young children. A lot of links, some not very useful, and the page author is not a native speaker of English.
Tags: reading, US, UK, Spain, grammar, vocab,              

Name/Link:   The International Phonetic Association
Description:  The IPA is the major as well as the oldest representative organisation for phoneticians. It was established in 1886 in Paris. 
Tags:  linguistics, phonetics, alphabet, sound recordings, IPA handbook             

Name/Link:   IPA Handbook
Description:  A Guide to the Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Tags:  linguistics, phonetics, alphabet, sound recordings, IPA handbook 

Name/Link:   Headway interactive*
Description:  Games to practice grammar, vocabulary for beginner to advanced                     
Tags:   interactive, grammar, vocab, tests, listening

Name/Link:   First Time in England
Description:  Graded reader for beginner, elementray, and intermediate students.        
Tags:  interactive, grammar, vocab, reading, pronunciation, phrasal verbs

Name/Link:   English Club*
Description:  An ESL portal: lessons, jobs for teachers, interactive pages, forums, games, quizzes, chat, ESL help and penpals.
Tags:  interactive, quizzes, games, penpals, vocab, grammar, video, pronunciation

Name/Link:   Anglik English language activities
Description:  An ESL portal page.
Tags:  dictionaries, penpals, portal, verbs, grammar, jokes, UK    

Name/Link:   Arlyn Freed's ESL/EFL Listening Resources
Description:  An ESL portal with detailed reviews
Tags:   listening, vocab, news, video

Name/Link:   Activities for ESL students
Description:  An ESL portal
Tags:   vocab, grammar, quizzes, crosswords, puzzles, interactive

Name/Link:   La Mansion del Inglés
Description:  A comprehensive portal for Spanish speakers learning English
Tags:   grammar, quizzes, interactive, vocab

Name/Link:   New English File Online*
Description:  Site from the makers of the New English File books.
Tags:   pronunciation, vocab, games, phrasal verbs, listening, grammar, US, UK

Name/Link:   Headway Online
Description:  Site to accompany the Headway books
Tags:    pronunciation, vocab, games, quizzes

Name/Link:   The Tower or English
Description:  A comprehensive ESL portal
Tags:    listening, mp3, games, vocab, puzzles, quizzes, grammar


Listening & Watching (including radio stations + TV channels)

Name/Link:   Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab       
Description:  General listening quizzes
Tags:   listening, mp3, blog, US                               

Name/Link:   BBC News
Tags:   listening, news, UK, world, video, mp3        

Name/Link:   Vaughan Radio
Description:  A Spanish radio station and blog for learning English
Tags:   radio, listening, podcasts       

Name/Link:   BBC Learning English*
Description:  One of the most useful learning English pages on the web
Tags:   listening, video, pronunciation, mp3, UK, business English, radio, teaching, learning, grammar, vocab, quizzes, interactive    

Name/Link:   Acoustic Liberation of Books in the Pub Domain
Description:  Free audio books                  
Tags:   books, listening, reading, mp3          

Name/Link:   Bilingual Education Platform
Description:  A social networking site to link learners and teachers of Spanish and English
Tags:   networking, social, penpals   

Name/Link:   Vidipedia, video wiki
Description:  An open video encyclopedia of “video articles” only
Tags:   reference, video, culture, arts, history         

Name/Link:   Sesame Street*
Description:  Can watch videos and play games.
Tags:   video, arts, US, games, songs, children      

Name/Link:   English Zone.com
Description:  Comprehensive web portal for ESL
Tags:   grammar, dictionaries, idioms, spelling

Name/Link:   http://www.howjsay.com/
Description:  A UK English pronunciation dictionary
Tags:   dictionary, pronunciation

Name/Link:   http://learner.org/resources/series71.html
Description:  A free American video series for learning English
Tags:   video, series, US, free, PBS 
Name/Link:   http://www.educationalrap.com/
Description:  An American record label that produces educational rap
Tags:   listening, mp3, US, music, science


Reading (including books, newspapers, and magazines)

Name/Link:   http://www.penguindossiers.com
Description:  Penguin books, articles, and “dossiers” you can listen to
Tags:  reading, listening, UK                                   

Name/Link:   Cartoon database      
Description:  A database of 1000s of English cartoons, gag, political, etc.
Tags:  cartoons, jokes, illustrations              

Name/Link:   Brain Food
Description:  Brainteasers and puzzles
Tags:  puzzles, riddles, logic games, math  

Name/Link:   Book Crossing
Description:  The famous book exchange
Tags:   reading, books, exchange    

Name/Link:   Guardian Weekly                  
Tags:   news, UK, newspaper

Name/Link:   The Independent                   
Tags:  news, UK, newspaper            

Name/Link:   The New York Times                      
Tags:  news, us, newspaper

Name/Link:   The Los Angeles Times        
Tags:  news, us, newspaper

Name/Link:    The Washington Post            
Tags:  news, us, newspaper

Name/Link:    Democracy Now!                 
Tags:  news, US, alternative news, video, mp3, podcasts

Name/Link:   MS Encarta encyclopedia and dictionary
Description:  Microsoft’s multimedia encyclopedia and dictionary, and more
Tags:  reading, dictionary, reference, US, culture, arts, history


Grammar, Vocabulary and Games

Name/Link:   Pearson Longman English Language Teaching      
Description:  Webpage of the popular dictionary and book publisher
Tags:    dictionary, activities, grammar, usage, pronunciation, free            

Name/Link:   Resources English as a Second Language
Description:  An ESL portal, especially strong on idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar, vocab
Tags:    grammar, usage, idioms, phrasal verbs, free, exercises, quizzes, tests    

Name/Link:   Word Mania Web      
Description:  Quizzes, activities, games
Tags:    grammar, spelling, crosswords, puzzles, books      

Name/Link:   Vocabulary.com
Description:  A page featuring various methods for expanding one’s vocabulary
Tags:    vocab, crosswords, games, interactive, word lists

Name/Link:   http://www.drgrammar.org/faqs/
Description:  Dr Grammar answers some frequently asked questions about English
Tags:    grammar, vocab, usage      



Name/Link:   Merriam Webster’s Webpage*
Description:  monolingual dictionary and thesaurus of American
Tags:     monolingual, dictionary, US, thesaurus, mp3, pronounciation        

Name/Link:   The American Heritage Book of English Usage
Description:  A dictionary of grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups and scientific forms.
Tags:      dictionary, US, monoligual, style, grammar, usage, thesaurus      

Name/Link:   IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) 
Description:  European Union Webpage for specific terminology on different subjects (medicine, engineering, law, etc)
Tags:      dictionary, law, EU, technical, medicine, multilingual         

Name/Link:   Lingoes free multi-dictionary*
Description:  A free multiple language dictionary and translation tool that works from within other programs
Tags:      dictionary, thesaurus, multilingual, monolingual, learners’ dictionaries, software  

Name/Link:   Word-reference Dictionary*
Tags:      bilingual, dictionary, pronunciation, US, UK

Name/Link:   The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online*                      
Description:  Online version of the useful dictionary
Tags:      dictionary, activities, grammar, usage, pronunciation, free

Name/Link:   Oxford Dictionaries & Press
Description:  Portal of the publisher of Oxford dictionaries
Tags:      dictionary, multilingual, monolingual, pronunciation, usage, links, games, free, books, reference

Name/Link:   The Oxford Dictionary of English*
Description:  Maybe the best monoligual dictionary of the English language                  
Tags:      dictionary, monolingual, usage, pronunciation, etymology 

Name/Link:   Visuwords Online Graphical Dictionary
Description:  A visual thesaurus                  
Tags:     dictionary, thesaurus, visual, vocabulary